Our Coronavirus Stories

A small child receives his first COVID-19 vaccine dose at his doctor’s office.
Tips to Help your Child with Vaccine Anxiety No one likes getting a shot, but for children it can be especially scary. Here are... December 1, 2021
A whole family showing off the bandages on their arm after receiving their initial dose or 3rd dose booster.
COVID-19 3rd Dose Vaccines are Available The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have authorized Covid-19 third.... December 1, 2021
Wendy Jackson is grateful she had such good care by her NorthBay medical teams and is back at work at Jackson Medical Supply.
Great Care Helped Her Survive Surge Patient Thankful After COVID-19 Nightmare “It was a nightmare, not nice. Definitely not something for the.... November 19, 2021
Relieved and smiling man holding up his vaccine card and giving a thumbs up.
Get Your Vaccine When and Where You Want The CDC now says you can “mix and match” your third dose vaccine shot. Whether you... November 1, 2021

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